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Join The Collective

Welcome to Sacred Arts Sanctuary, a Small Business Collective that supports entrepreneurs by providing  rental options in a community like setting.  At Sacred Arts Sanctuary, we offer services and classes that focus on the Mind, Body, and Spirit. We value community and strive to create a loving and supportive environment for healers alike. Our mission is to help each other grow and thrive and we are actively looking at ways to help one another with this mission.

If you would like to host an event, rent from us, or hold regularly scheduled classes, please read the information below. If you are interested in renting, contact the founder of the Sanctuary Kellye Houck at to reserve a room or to inquire on our upcoming room rentals monthly.

A one time non-refundable administrative fee of $100 to join the collective is required at the time of signing your contract. We ask all of our practitioners to actively promote their services and classes and follow our rules and regulations of the office. If you are needing promotional help, marketing and referrals are available by Kellye for $30 an hour.

Hourly Room Rentals:

Sage Room- 10×9 Room- Located inside the yoga studio with direct access to the studio and a separate entrance. Comes equipped with a massage table warmer, stool, and music player. This room is available for hourly and daily renters.
Hourly: $20

Sage Room

Meditation Room- An open 10×8 Room- Setup for Meditation Classes, Readings and Counseling. This room comes equipped with two chairs, and two folding tv tray tables. This room is available for hourly renters.
Hourly: $30

Meditation Room

Sacred Arts Studio- 500 Square Foot Yoga Studio- Available for Yoga, Meditation Classes, Seminars, and Group Events only.
There is 6 chairs, PA system, mic rentals, water and tea dispensers available for rent.
Maximum occupancy: 20 people.
Rental availability is 6pm-10pm Monday-Friday and By Appointment Only Saturday’s and Sundays.
Hourly: $35


Monthly Room Rentals:

Anahata Room- 13x10x7 Room- Ideal for Massage, Energy work, and Skin Care.
Located in the back side of the office. This room has a towel warmer, portable hand washing station, hot stones, table warmer, music player, and a calm low lighting.
Part Time Monthly Rental $350 (Unavailable)
Full Time Monthly Rental $650 (Unavailable)
Hourly Rental $30

Anahata Room

Shaman Room– 12×8 Room- Located at the center of the office behind the lobby-
Full Time Monthly Rental $500

Shaman Room

Mandala Room- 12×8 Room- Located directly across from lobby with window to the courtyard- $525 a Month. (Unavailable)CBBEE259-53EB-4BE6-83C1-515B7573E279

Zen Room- 12×12 Room- Located inside the yoga studio with direct access to the studio and a separate entrance. $700 a Month (Unavailable)65DDB0B7-61B0-401A-B2C8-0D505A252AC9

Prosperity Room- 12×8 Room- Located at the center of the office- $500 a Month. (Unavailable)360222E7-A21A-446E-8CA0-303C10128D08

Sacred Arts Sanctuary is a business collective open by appointment only. All of our practitioners work independently with their own private practice. All of our monthly room rentals start off with a 6 month lease, and transfer into a month to month rental after that. A 30 day notice is required to move out.

Rental price includes utilities, except $20 for internet that is optional for renters. A common area restroom is outside and maintained by HOA. Rooms come unfurnished. Renter is responsible for the cleanliness and any damages done to the room rental.

Liability insurance and proof of licensing is required at the time of move in. Therapists are responsible for their own advertising and clientele. Room rental includes access to lobby, courtyard and studio at a discounted price.